Additional Account Services

Overdraft Protection
If you write a check for more than your account balance, available funds in your Share (Savings) Account will be automatically transferred to your Share Draft (Checking) Account for a small fee. Apply up to $1,000 Overdraft Protection Line of Credit to protect your good credit and increase your borrowing power.

Visa Debit Card
Your Cochise VISA Debit Card lets you use your Share Draft (Checking) Account to pay for everyday purchases, without the hassle of writing a check. Your VISA Card also acts as an ATM Card for 24-hour access to your Share Draft (Checking) and Share (Savings) Account. ATM Cards are also available.

Keep Online Transactions Safe with Verified by Visa Service
It is important to protect your personal information while you shop online. That's why Visa created "Verified by Visa". to give you an extra layer of protection.

Verified by Visa allows you to select a password that becomes your online "signature" for Web transactions. Each time you make a purchase at a participating online merchant, you are automatically presented with a Verified by Visa pop-up window to enter your password. Once entered, the password is verified, and the transaction proceeds accordingly. To register please Click here.